VELUX Rod Controls ZZZ 201, ZZZ 212, ZOZ 032, ZCT 300 and ZXT 200

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Velux control rods available to operate manual opening skylights and manual blinds and they come as:

  • ZZZ 201 Winder handle (white) to operate VS openable skylights within reach
  • ZZZ 212 Winder handle (white) to operate VCM openable skylights within reach
  • ZOZ 032 Short rod control (60cm) to operate within reach, manual openable skylights
  • ZCT 300 Extendable rod control to operate manual openable skylights. 145cm – 285cm length
  • ZXT 200 Extendable rod control to operate manual fixed skylight blinds. 100cm – 180cm length

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